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Since it’s in Orlando, getting a hotel room and all will be way cheaper.

The tiny albino heiress was effortlessly uberfeminine and had a 1940s aesthetic mostly because it gave her an excuse to wear lipstick the color of her uncannily red eyes. Her white hair was always done up neatly. Effortlessly. In a style of the era. 

She had a sister and a brother. Her sister did the 1980s punk look and her brother…well, bless his heart, but he was just sort of this nonentity who did the rich boy thing.

The sisters were different. Still oblivious to a lot, but they tried. 

Anyhow, so yeah, kinda loved that dream actually.

I dreamed that I was kidnapped by a tiny albino heiress who had fallen in love with me and thrown into a world of intrigue and drama.

Voice is slowly getting better, thank goodness.

Still exhausted.

Cold, too. 


when the tag of your fave character is absolutely terrible


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Chris Evans said in an interview that the shirts he wore in the Losers were ones he actually owns and I think that’s really important



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There are an alarming number of people who sincerely think pumpkin, as it grows out of the ground, naturally tastes like allspice, cinnamon, and ginger.

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brokenbowstrings replied to your post: I’m home.

and I didn’t get a single drunk text *pout*

I’m sorry bb. I barely texted anyone who wasn’t at con with me. 

I know I want to go back to bed for the day.


Partied pretty hard, but not as bad as 2012. Didn’t go to any of the celebrity panels I was going to attempt because—well—because I don’t like waiting in line in the heat for an hour unless I’m waiting on Space Mountain. So I never did get to hear the Phillip Fathom voice in person in ATL. I’m still planning a Cali trip at some point and will see a live show then.

My voice is gone. I think I just yelled it into hiding from me—I cannot afford con crud right now. D:

I think I want to go nap for twelve hours or so.

It’s just a sea of humanity swarming up and down the stairs to the Hyatt. #dragoncon2014

I drank.

Boy didn’t show. Ended up hanging with friends.

It was fun.

The end.

This incredibly nice lady played Holly on Land of the Lost! I’m a little young to have watched the show, but she was SO COOL. #dragoncon2014