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There was a time in my life when I did, and it’s one of two things that turned me off:

1) I went on a history of medieval western Europe binge when I was around 20. Then I got involved with the SCA. Overload and idiots. 


2) Around the same time, I got sick. Really sick. I think it was the flu…but anyhow, the point is that I was running high fevers and fitfully napping. I was also rereading some fantasy series or other. That series (I can’t remember which one) then became the focus of my fever dreams. 

So man, fuck high fantasy. 

All of this to say that I’ve poked at Skyrim all afternoon and all I wanna do is go crawl around Fallout s’more. I hope they make a Fallout game with the weather and shiny graphics like Skyrim! This game is BEAUTIFUL.

Here’s my elf. Her name is. Uh. I can’t remember her name. The game told me that wood elves are for sneaking and arching and that is what I wanted (since I can’t have a sniper rifle) so I did this. She has permanent ANGRYFACE. 

So this is a Bethesda game…I can’t romance my followers, can I? 

  1. analogwatch said: I’m pretty sure you can marry some of your followers. I have a few friends that are devoted to Farkas or Vilkas. Twins. Both are “marryable,” I think. idk I don’t have Skyrim and I use Fallout NV to put naked corpses in compromising positions.
  2. collababortion said: Ok. That’s it. I need to make time one weekend and get a catsitter, and I’m going to come camp out at your house and play skyrim with you.
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