Jen. 33. Refuses to grow up. What to expect: Marvel comics and the MCU, other comics, scifi, Pacific Rim, classic Doctor Who, video games, Instagram photos, feminism, animated tv shows, food, toys, and idiocy.

Currently overdosing on: The X-Files
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analogwatch replied to your post: I just don’t like high fantasy.

I’m pretty sure you can marry some of your followers. I have a few friends that are devoted to Farkas or Vilkas. Twins. Both are “marryable,” I think. idk I don’t have Skyrim and I use Fallout NV to put naked corpses in compromising positions.

My last NV playthrough was just kind of standard/boring. My next one?

I have plans. They involve obsessively hoarding toy cars and then eventually filling the bathtubs at the Lucky 38 with the damn things. 

I wanna marry Lydia. She’s adorable and helps me kill things.